This article explains how to enable monitoring for PolarDB-X databases in a K8s cluster.

Installing PolarDB-X Monitor

PolarDB-X utilizes Prometheus and Grafana to monitor PolarDB-X clusters. PolarDB-X Monitor integrates the kube-promethus stack, allowing one-click deployment of the necessary resources and components for monitoring by installing the PolarDB-X Monitor.


  1. A running K8s cluster is already prepared, and ensure the cluster version is >= 1.18.0.
  2. Helm 3 has been installed.
  3. PolarDB-X Operator version 1.2.0 or higher has been installed.

    Helm Package Installation

    First, create a namespace named polardbx-monitor:
    kubectl create namespace polardbx-monitor

Install the PolarDBXMonitor CRD:

Note: If your PolarDB-X Operator 1.2.0 or higher was installed directly via helm install, the PolarDBXMonitor CRD is installed by default, and you can skip this step. If your PolarDB-X Operator was upgraded from version 1.1.0 or below using helm upgrade, you need to execute the following command to manually install it:

kubectl apply -f

Execute the following command to install PolarDB-X Monitor:

 helm install --namespace polardbx-monitor polardbx-monitor polardbx-monitor-1.6.0.tgz

You can also install it via the PolarDB-X Helm Chart repository:

helm repo add polardbx
helm install --namespace polardbx-monitor polardbx-monitor polardbx/polardbx-monitor

Note: Installing Prometheus and Grafana this way uses default configurations for quick trial. If deploying in a production cluster, you may refer to: Configure Prometheus + Grafana

Note: If you are installing PolarDB-X Monitor on minikube, you may encounter component creation issues due to insufficient resources. Please refer to: Configure Prometheus + Grafana

You should see the following output:

polardbx-operator monitor plugin is installed. Please check the status of components:

    kubectl get pods --namespace {{ .Release.Namespace }}

Now start to monitor your polardbx cluster.

After the PolarDB-X Monitor installation is complete, components such as prometheus and grafana will be created within the polardbx-monitor namespace in your K8s cluster, to monitor PolarDB-X inside K8s. Check if the related components are functioning properly and confirm all pods are in Running status with the following command:

kubectl get pods -n polardbx-monitor

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