To adjust the configuration, directly modify the .spec.config.dn section in the pxc yaml, adding relevant MySQL parameters as shown below:

# DN related configurations
      # DN my.cnf configuration, overrides parts of the template
      mycnfOverwrite: |-
        loose_binlog_checksum: crc32
      logPurgeInterval: 5m
      logDataSeparation: false

Note: If some my.cnf parameters require a restart to take effect, you will need to manually restart the DN MySQL process. Current support for non-mycnf parameters includes:

  • Binlog cleanup time can be modified at .spec.config.dn.logPurgeInterval.
  • Whether logs and data are stored separately can be modified at .spec.config.dn.logDataSeparation.

Set Global Command

In addition to modifying the yaml, DN parameters can also be changed through the CN's set global command. Log in to CN and execute the following SQL:

set ENABLE_SET_GLOBAL = true;            -- Enable the set global feature
set global {dn parameter};       -- Disable SQL logging

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