Directly edit the yaml of the PolarDBXCluster, these parameter modifications require a restart to take effect, and thus will automatically trigger the rebuilding of the cn pod. Modify by executing the following command:

kubectl edit pxc {pxc name}

Modify by adding the parameters you want to change, as shown below:

# Static configuration, modifications will cause the CN cluster to rebuild
  # Enable coroutines, not supported by OpenJDK for the time being, use dragonwell instead
  EnableCoroutine: false
  # Enable consistent reading on replica databases
  EnableReplicaRead: false
  # Enable remote debugging for JVM
  EnableJvmRemoteDebug: false
  # Custom CN static configurations in a key-value structure
  # The value types are int or string, so the bool type needs to be manually written as a string, for example "true", "false"
    processors: 8

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