Upgrade PolarDB-X Operator

Since Helm does not update CRDs, the upgrade process for PolarDB-X Operator includes the following two steps:

  1. Update CRDs
  2. Update CRDs

Update CRDs

  1. Please pull the CRD 文件 corresponding to the version. The CRD file can be directly pulled from the source code or downloaded from the corresponding version of the PolarDB-X Operator Release package, and then extracted.
  2. Execute the following command to update the CRD:
    kubectl apply -f polardbx-operator/crds

Update the local Helm repository

helm repo update

View the list of versions in the repository

helm search repo polardbx -l

Upgrade the Operator

helm upgrade --namespace polardbx-operator-system polardbx-operator polardbx/polardbx-operator

You can also specify values.yaml at the same time:

helm upgrade --namespace polardbx-operator-system polardbx-operator -f values.yaml polardbx/polardbx-operator

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