Uninstall PolarDB-X Operator

Uninstalling System Components

Use the following command to uninstall:

helm uninstall --namespace polardbx-operator-system polardbx-operator

Use the following command to delete the namespace:

kubectl delete namespace polardbx-operator-system


  • After uninstalling, all related custom resources such as PolarDBXCluster and XStore will no longer be automatically maintained
  • For resource protection, database component pods typically have finalizers to protect them. Uninstalling the system components means that finalizers cannot be automatically removed when deleting, and resources (such as host machine disks) cannot be reclaimed automatically. Manual intervention is required, so please proceed with caution.

Uninstalling Custom Resource Definitions (CRD)

Helm's uninstallation will not remove integrated CRDs. If a thorough uninstallation is required, they need to be manually removed:

kubectl get crds | grep -E "polardbx.aliyun.com" | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | xargs kubectl delete crds

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