You can execute DELETE statements to delete the rows that meet the conditions from tables.


The following DELETE statements delete the rows that meet the conditions specified by where_condition from the tables specified by tbl_name and return the number of deleted rows. If the statement does not include the WHERE clauses, all data in the specified tables is deleted.

  • Single logical table

    DELETE [LOW_PRIORITY] [QUICK] [IGNORE] FROM [schema_name.]tbl_name
    [WHERE where_condition]
  • Multiple logical tables

        tbl_name[.*] [, tbl_name[.*]] ...
        FROM table_references
        [WHERE where_condition]
        FROM [schema_name.]tbl_name[.*] [, [schema_name.]tbl_name[.*]] ...
        USING table_references
        [WHERE where_condition]


  • DELETE statements support the following modifiers:

    • LOW_PRIORITY: If you specify LOW_PRIORITY, the DELETE operation is performed after all read operations on the table are performed.

    • IGNORE: If you specify IGNORE, the errors that occur when the specified rows are deleted are ignored.

    • The QUICK modifier is related to the storage engines of MySQL. For more information, see MySQL documentation.

  • Each modifier in DELETE statements is pushed down to ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL and remains unchanged. This process does not affect the modifier operations of PolarDB-X.

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