Modify Data Directory

You can use the following command to specify the host machine during installation:

  • Data directory /polardbx/data (default value is /data)
  • Log directory /polardbx/log (default value is /data-log)
  • Transfer directory /polardbx/filestream (default value is /filestream)
helm install --namespace polardbx-operator-system --set polardbx-operator polardbx/polardbx-operator --create-namespace

Alternatively, you can prepare a values.yaml file and specify it using the following command:

helm install --namespace polardbx-operator-system -f values.yaml polardbx-operator polardbx/polardbx-operator --create-namespace

Where values.yaml contains the following:

    data: /polardbx/data
    log: /polardbx/log
    filestream: /polardbx/filestream

In addition to the above directories, the container runtime directory (usually defaulting to /var/lib/docker) and the k8s root directory (usually defaulting to /var/lib/kubelet) need to be mounted to appropriate directories during the installation of Docker or k8s to prevent disk full issues.

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