Checking Compute Node Status

Use the following command to check the overall status of the PolarDB-X cluster's CNs:

kubectl get pxc

Expect the following output, where you can see the number of CNs and the current count of CNs that are ready:

NAME      GMS   CN    DN    CDC   PHASE     DISK       AGE
classic   1/1   2/2   3/3   1/1   Running   40.3 GiB   4d2h

To obtain a list of CN pods, execute the following command:

kubectl get pods -l polardbx/role=cn

Expect the following result and assess whether the CN pods are operating correctly based on the READY and STATUS fields:

NAME                                       READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
classic-4gss-cn-default-5488d667fd-74lz2   3/3     Running   0          4d2h
classic-4gss-cn-default-5488d667fd-hn7fj   3/3     Running   1          4d2h

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