Collation types

A character set is a combination of a set of symbols and encoding methods. A collation is the group of rules for sorting characters in a character set. This topic describes the collation types supported by PolarDB-X.

PolarDB-X supports the collation types that are listed in the following table. For more information about the collation types, see Collations.

Character set collation
utf8 utf8_general_ci
utf8 utf8_bin
utf8 utf8_unicode_ci
utf8mb4 utf8mb4_general_ci
utf8mb4 utf8mb4_bin
utf8mb4 utf8mb4_unicode_ci
utf16 utf16_general_ci
utf16 utf16_bin
utf16 utf16_unicode_ci
ascii ascii_general_ci
ascii ascii_bin
binary binary
latin1 latin1_swedish_ci
latin1 latin1_german1_ci
latin1 latin1_danish_ci
latin1 latin1_bin
latin1 latin1_general_ci
latin1 latin1_general_cs
latin1 latin1_spanish_ci
gbk gbk_chinese_ci
gbk gbk_bin

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