Dynamic Parameters

Starting from version 1.3.0, the PolarDB-X Operator supports the functionality of dynamic parameters. While an instance is running, dynamic parameter files can be used to modify parameters for both CN (Compute Node) and DN (Data Node). The dynamic parameters must be configured via a yaml file.

kubectl apply -f {dynamic parameter file name}.yaml

Dynamic Parameters Explanation

When applying dynamic parameters, you need to specify a base parameter template and the name of the instance. If the name does not exist, validation will fail. Additionally, dynamic parameters must pass the validation of the attributes in the parameter template, or they will also fail to validate.

Note:Since some parameters require a restart of the instance after modification, it is necessary to specify the method of restart, which includes direct restart (restart) and rolling restart (rollingRestart). Currently, DN only supports rolling restart.

In the parameter list, each parameter needs to specify two attributes, including:

  • name
    • The name of the parameter
  • value
    • The value of the parameter, formatted as a string

An example of dynamic parameters is as follows:

# Adding dynamic parameters
apiVersion: polardbx.aliyun.com/v1
kind: PolarDBXParameter
  name: test-param
    parameter: dynamic
  # Instance name
  clusterName: pxc
  # Parameter template name
  templateName: product
      name: cn-parameter
      # Restart method
      restartType: rollingRestart
      # Parameter list
        - name: CONN_POOL_MAX_POOL_SIZE
          value: "1000"
      name: dn-parameter
      restartType: rollingRestart
        - name: autocommit
          value: "OFF"
        - ...

Viewing Dynamic Parameters

You can use the following command to view all configured dynamic parameters.

kubectl get PolarDBXParameter
# Or the abbreviation can be used
kubectl get pxp

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