To remove the PolarDBXCluster cluster (object), execute the following command, where polardbx-test represents the name of the PolarDBXCluster object:

kubectl delete pxc polardbx-test

Upon execution, inspecting the object status may reveal that the PHASE is now Deleting:

kubectl get pxc polardbx-test
NAME            GMS   CN    DN    CDC   PHASE      DISK   AGE
polardbx-test   1/1   2/2   2/2   2/2   Deleting   6.2Gi  2m1s

Alternatively, attempting to retrieve information about the object may result in an error, indicating that the object no longer exists:

kubectl get pxc polardbx-test
Error from server (NotFound): "polardbx-test" not found

When the primary instance of the PolarDBXCluster is deleted, its associated readonly instances are also automatically removed.

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