The dynamic parameters of CN (Compute Node) can be directly modified within the yaml of the PolarDBXCluster object, as detailed in However, this method of configuration has its issues:

  • With numerous cluster configuration items, the cluster definition becomes excessively lengthy and obscures other details.
  • The PolarDBXCluster is responsible not only for the maintenance of the cluster (containers) but also for configuration management, which is logically complex and prone to errors.
  • One-way synchronization leads to the invalidation of parameters set through other methods (such as set global). Therefore, in the open-source version, it is supported to modify the dynamic parameters of CN through the Knobs object. The yaml definition of a Knobs object is as follows:
kind: PolarDBXClusterKnobs
  name: polardbx-xcluster
  namespace: development
  ## The instance name of PolarDB-X
  clusterName: "polardbx-xcluster"
  # No need to specify when creating
    ## List of parameters
    RECORD_SQL: "true"

Note: For a detailed list of CN's dynamic parameters, refer to:

Note: Boolean parameter values need to be passed in as strings.

After editing the above yaml file, execute it with

kubectl apply -f {knobs yaml file}

Use the following command to view the list of knobs:

kubectl get pxcknobs

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